About Us

This Is Your Laugh is the creation of Dave Allison. He has been making live comedy shows since 2012 in various formats for all kinds of celebrations and groups of people.

We just love doing this. It feels wrong to call it work.

Who Are We ?

David Allison

Founder, Creative Director

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In the early days, the shows I created were for birthdays and stag parties.

Now bookings are taken for business clients, small and large. I provide laughs for corporate and private events, promotional campaigns, team-building and training courses.

Aside from producing live comedy, David Allison, has a 20 year career in television and media production, including documentaries such as Losing Your Balls for C4 and a 20x part comedy series for PlayUK called Pop Will Shoot Itself.

The most popular episode of that series has been see more than half a million times! PWSI – Run DMC.

and educational media for legal training.

While working for the University of Law, he made Xmas videos with the media department he managed.

The first recording of a This Is Your Trial show at Edfringe in 2013, with Stuart Goldsmith as Judge, Trevor Lock as prosecutor and Bob Slayer in defence with Pat Monaghan in cuddle. Notorious comedy critic Kate Copstick features.


Scavenger Hunt

Comedy Auction


Rufus Hound

Inkster trial which was Brian. Embarrassing clip

My Comedy Auction pitch to sell silver platform shoes.

Queen Mum plate

Donkey book

Ghost Rhino caller


Ahir Shah defending Digby Johnson (blind man riding a bike)

Thom Tuck defending a man accused of shushing his wife while she was giving birth.

The first large corporate show for MACE with Mark Dolan as judge, Barry Ferns and John Ryan as lawyers.

Al Murray did his first show for an ungrateful group of trainee lawyers.

Mark Dolan with Marcus Brigstocke and Amy Christophers on trial.

Possibly my favourite show because it was my mate Pratik being put on trial for his birthday. It was very personal and specifically directed to be about him. The last 5mins are the best when everyone is singing the Carly Simon classic song, ‘You’re So Vain’ about their beloved friend!

Example of a family friendly trial which ultimately resulted in Monster Court.

Pitching the show to the BBC as an adult show with Clive Anderson as host/judge.

This might help explain his creation of the This Is Your Trial format.

His experience informs and helps understand the objectives clients want from their experiences.

Objectives that may be more than top class entertainment.

We produce marketing media for businesses, workshops and training and unique comedy experiences.

We know comedy is engaging and delivers your message in a more memorable way. Whatever it may be.

His most successful creation, This Is Your Trial, frequently appears at comedy festivals across the UK. They include Underbelly, DeerShed, Stage In The Park, Kingston, Leicester and Brighton Comedy Festivals and for 11 years at the Edinburgh Fringe.

It has also travelled to Ireland and spent several years with tours across Australia.

In 2020, CBBC commissioned a TV show called Monster Court which was based on the family friendly version of the show.

Dave has also appeared on an episode of the One Show  as Thomas Neale, inventor of the National Lottery.